Gutter Tech Products

Seamless Rain Gutters & Downspouts


Gutter Tech's Seamless Custom Gutter System

Every gutter job is different and custom measured to only fit your house or business, with over 40 colors to choose from. We have 5" & 6" Seamless K-Style, 6" 1/2' Gutter, Galvalume, Copper & Commercial Box

 Gutter. Different sizes of Downspouts

2x3, 3x4, 4x5, Round & Box DS

Rain Chains


Rain Chains are aesthetically pleasing to a back yard or a special spot. We can show you many different styles that are available & help you choose the right one for your gutter system.

Clean Out of Existing Gutters


It's that time of year to clean the gutters! Let us come out and do the ladder work and clean out your gutters.   When the gutters are clogged with leaves and debris it can cause water damage to the exterior wall, windows and roofs. Maintaining your gutters will protect your home and will keep the gutters in working order.

Discounts/ Charity


Are you a VETERAN, TEACHER OR FIRST RESPONDER?  We are honored to give our local heroes a break on our services.

We also give some of the profit received to a local food bank to give back to the community and hungry kids. ( Hungry Souls )

Leaf Covers

Small hole leaf screens are the latest screen that can help you with the leafs falling.

Small hole screens, Leaf Shelter and Leaf Mesh Guard is a couple of the leaf covers that can be installed on existing gutter systems or new systems. We will come out and show you the samples and let you see the product to decide which one would be best for your leaf issues.

Benefits of Drip Edge Flashing


Drip edge flashing has many benefits to help protect your fascia from water damage.  Rain water that is coming off the roof shingles tend to splash back on the fascia during a good rain. It is important to keep the rain water from going behind the gutter and causing water damage. Drip edge flashing is to seal the gap between the roof and gutters keeping the rain in the gutters not going behind the gutter. Sadly we have seen many times the wood fascia rotten due to the absence of drip edge. Helping you protect your investment is our commitment to you.